7 Strategies to survive the quarantine

Dec 1 / Antonio Teoli

A moment to reflect and plan yourself

For the first time, many of us are facing an unique moment that few have gone through in their lives: an unprecedented pandemic!
The impact on our social lives, our economic lives and our mental health is immeasurable but, like everything else in life, it is important to see the silver lining and exercise the strength to see better prospects.
"Never let a good crisis go to waste!"
Winston Churchill
Although it is difficult not to panic about the situation we are currently experiencing, I believe that keeping calm and preparing for a triumphant return after normalcy is a good idea.
Therefore, I would kindly like to list the 7 main strategies which I believe are fundamental to help you come out of this crisis more strengthened and prepared for a brighter future.

1. Update your website

I am always surprised to see the amount of outdated websites from my fellow composers who are constantly killing it in the industry.
Today, there is an illusion that the website is no longer used due to more frequent updates on social media like instagram or facebook but in my view, your website is and will always be your main hub.
The place where people go to know literally everything about your career, check your music (even though it's on spotify or soundcloud), see what you have done recently and who knows, maybe invite you to a future project.
Nowadays with tools like WIX, it is very easy to create and keep your website up to date and if you do not know this tool, take a look at their website (www.wix.com) because besides providing literally all the tools necessary to create an amazing websites in few minutes, it has fantastic templates to start and all at a relatively affordable price.
Click on the picture below to visit it.

My website created with WIX

In addition, it is important to consider some essential factors for your site:
- Consider a mobile version that is objective and easy to navigate. Most people nowadays access the internet through cell phones and tablets;
- Keep your website strictly focused on what you do and avoid hobbies;
- Know how to lead the visitor to the most important thing, your music and your contact. If your music is attached to a video, even better;
- Create a visual identity in line with your musical identity;
- Work the SEO words to be found on google (there are several videos on Youtube about it).

2. Update your social media

Like it or not, the relevance of social media to the business world is undeniable.
Take advantage of this period to review your profile, actions, strategies and connections in general and stay active, showing that you remain firm and strong composing or creating sound effects, or, in general, exercising your art.
I am not the greatest expert on social media but many of my projects inevitably end up coming from people connected to me on social media, especially Linkedin.
So, I would like to share my methodology for using the most popular social media.

Image caption

Currently, with the expansion of my business: Andromeda Sound, The Amazonic and, of course, Game Audio School, I've been looking for a tool that could help me with posting organizations, keeping my social media active without sucking all my time on it.
During this research, I've found a tool called Buffer, that allows you to organize and schedule your posts for your social media.
It is a really nice tool and I recommend to everyone who likes to be active on social media with little effort.

3. Update your music template

This is a great moment to get "clean the house and bring new furniture".
Make sure to use this time to update your music template by:

- Eliminating old and unused instruments;
- Adding new instruments;
- Fixing connections and buses;
- Adding icons and color codes;
- Balancing volumes between instruments;
- Setting reverbs buses.
Remember, templates are a great time saver and as more organized it is, the better your life will be during crunch times.
Soon, we will release a very special course about templates, make sure to subscribe if you want to know when it's coming.

John Powell's Template

4. Keep tracking of your clients

Keep tracking is one of the most complicated yet important things to do on our career.
You need to make sure you're fresh on your client's memory but how can you keep track of that?
Recently I've found an App called Cloze who help you monitor these interactions and it works really well, even though the interface is not the most friendly.
I've started to use this recently and I must say, it's a life changer.

5. Keep composing

No matter what happens, don't stop composing!
Even during a low season of work, I like to compose for at least 2 hours everyday so I can keep my brain fresh and honestly, sometimes it don't need to be a fully orchestrated piece. Sometimes a song on a solo piano or a solo guitar is more than enough to maintain the oil burning.
I remember during my university days, my teacher use to makes us draw and then tear up the drawings so we did not get attached.
I use to hate that but today I understand the meaning. Music is inevitably an expression of art that comes from inside of us and it's almost a daily necessity so I honestly don't try get attached to what I compose because I feel that if I do, I might be always try to overcome my previous works, like a competition.
And that annoys me but still, I keep my clock reserved for at least 2 hours of composing during low season of gigs and I think this is crucial.
"I don't listen to my score once the movies are released because I'm writing music all the time and therefore, it's no comfort to listen to it."
John Williams

6. Meditate

I know, I know... Meditate? Well...
I've never gave too much of attention to this subject until the moment I the very first panic attack of my life during the pandemic of COVID-19.
Meditation helped me in so many ways that it deserves a sole post for that here but to make it short, give it a shot.
I recently watch a 2 hours webinar with Steve Vai (yes!), talking about how meditation and mindfulness are crucial on his life and on his music creation.
Click on the picture below and watch this. It's a life changer!

Steve Vai talking about Meditation

There are also many people doing online meditations and offering Zoom sessions to help people get through this hard time.
I honestly have to recommend Amy Van Daele which is my partner in war and has been doing a fantastic job. Follow her on Instagram or check her website to know more about this amazing subject by clicking on the picture below!

Amy Van Daele's Website

7. Learn new techniques and content

The internet is vast and so do is the content available, even though sometimes unorganized and making us more confused than anything else.

Make sure to use this season of quarantine to learn lots of new contents and be up to date with everything related to audio production. It's a great opportunity and believe me, many, many people are doing this right now.

Some great Youtube channels I would like to recommend you for this subject are:
- Rick Beato
8-bit Music Theory
- Cinesamples
- Christian Henson

And of course, make sure to check our courses available and the ones that are in production <3
Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate in reaching us out!
To you all, stay home and stay safe!
Antonio Teoli
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